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Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

Useful Web Sites For Teachers
The U. S. Department of Education
provides information selected especially for parents, teachers, students and administrators as well as press releases, photos, audio clips and video all in one place-Press Room.

The No Child Left Behind Act
of 2001 is a landmark in education reform designed to improve student achievement and change the culture of America’s schools. With passage of No Child Left Behind, Congress reauthorized the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)—the principal federal law affecting education from kindergarten through high school. In amending ESEA, the new law represents a sweeping overhaul of federal efforts to support elementary and secondary education in the United States.

The National Staff Development Council
gives districts information not only on high quality training programs with intensive followup and support, but also other growth-promoting processes such as study groups, action research and peer coaching. NSDC, as an organization, believes that staff development is fundamentally people improvement. The library offers excellent full-text professional articles.

21st century education
is a collection of web-based tools designed to support and promote achievement of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) literacy and 21st century skills. It presents a dynamic look at highlighted examples, resources, recommendations, tools and recommended goals in each of nine key areas that support a coherent framework for 21st century education.

The State Board of Educator Certification
site assists educators in planning for quality technology applications professional development programs as well as providing information on certifications for all professional educators.

The Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL)
solves significant problems facing educational systems and communities to ensure a quality education for all learners. The SEDL work focuses on an integrated program of applied research and development, professional development, assistance and services. SEDL refines work based on new findings from on-going research.

The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA),
founded in the fall of 2001, is the principal association representing the state directors for educational technology. SETDA’s goal is to improve student achievement through technology.

The Texas Computer Education Association
supports educators in learning about technology and using it in the classroom. As the sponsor of the largest Texas conference focusing on educational technology, the organization’s website provides online registration, program information and student and teacher contest information.

The Texas Education Agency
website provides immediate information needed daily in schools related to a variety of topics, including assessment, curriculum, teacher resources and grant information. Quick links to Education Service Centers and the State Board for Educator Certification are also provided.

The Technology Applications Teacher Network
is a collaborative project between the twenty Texas Education Service Centers and the Texas Education Agency and is designed to provide Texas teachers with resources to implement the Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in the K-12 classroom and meet No Child Left Behind, Title II, Part D requirements.

The Technology Planning & E-Rate Support Center (TPESC)
provides assistance and support to Texas public and charter schools in meeting the requirements for participation in the federal Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Program, better known as E-Rate and in meeting No Child Left Behind, Title II, Part D requirements. TPESC also provides assistance in submission of the online Texas e-Plan and the Texas Campus STaR Chat.

is a free program, introduced by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT Media Labs, to turn a daunting subject, usually taught in college, into an integral part of education for the grade-school set. Scratch, a programming language teaches the basics of computer science in a way that is accessible to young people—even kindergartners.

Encyclopedia of Life
a massive, free Web site that compiles data on Earth’s 1.8 million known species of animals, plants and other forms of life on Earth. For the first time in the history of the planet, scientists, students and citizens have access—anywhere, anytime—to all known living species, even those that have just been discovered. The multimedia site includes descriptions, pictures, maps, videos and links to entire genomes and scientific journal papers.

is a single point of access for selecting data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Web site provides access to several EPA databases with information about environmental activities that may affect air, water and land anywhere in the United States.

free online courses in Language Arts, Math, Science, English Language, Computer Skills, and Health and Life Skills.

Traditional Children’s Games from Around the World
Children have one thing in common: they love to play games. Discover how children from Venezuela, Mexico, Korea, China, Germany and many other countries play different versions of the same traditional games, such as jump rope, marbles, tag, top spinning, hopscotch, jacks and card games.

SafeSide® Severe Weather Challenge
The Weather Channel presents a set of realistic weather conditions in this interactive educational resource. Middle school students will learn how to make important safety decisions during severe weather events when they become virtual youth interns.

Nurture Beginning Readers
Forty free interactive reading lessons, geared to beginning readers, are now available online, thanks to Montessori Home, Inc. The lessons, which feature the first 55 words a child will learn to read, are currently available in English, with URLs in Chinese, Spanish, French and other languages introducing the learn-to-read-English course.

Bring History Alive
History buffs! Listen to American History recordings of P. T. Barnum in his first recorded commercial; Teddy Roosevelt during his 1912 presidential campaign; the news of the explosion of the Hindenburg; a montage of World War II radio clips; JFK’s Inaugural Address; Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech—and much more.

Engage Parents in Children’s Math Learning
Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics features dozens of engaging activities that parents can use to help their children, from preschool age to grade 5, have fun learning geometry, algebra, measurement, statistics, probability and other important mathematical concepts.

The Why Files
Learn the Science Behind the News. This web site features the latest news in science, math and technology.

Develop Map-Reading Skills
The U.S. Geological Survey helps you develop students’ understanding of maps with its “What Do Maps Show” lessons.

Fair Use in the Digital Age
The issue of what constitutes fair use in today’s digital world confounds many educators. “Fair Use in the Digital Environment,” an article in Reference & User Services Quarterly (RUSQ ), addresses this issue in detail and lists an extensive array of resources.

Explore Antarctica
Antarctica is a frozen, windswept continent, so hostile and remote that it has no permanent inhabitants. Scientists working there have made many discoveries from studying Antarctica’s land and atmosphere, and from clues buried beneath the ice. These discoveries also reveal signs of changes in the future that could affect us all. Take a journey through this site to discover Antarctica for yourself. Each section features activities, images, video clips and fact sheets to help you learn about this distant, frozen wilderness.

is an award-winning site for listening to, exploring, discovering and creating music. Browse freely around the site or use the Journey mode to explore particular subjects and issues. Discover how music works by taking it apart and making it yourself. Investigate how composers and remix artists make their music or create and compose your own music online with free software.

Deepen Understanding of an Ingenious Scientist
Universal Leonardo is aimed at deepening understanding of Leonardo da Vinci through Web-based resources.
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