Robstown Independent School District

Welcome Back for the 2017-2018 School Year. We are #RobstownProud

Construction Project

May 2017 Update

During the month of May, construction steadily advanced with the additions and renovations project at Robstown Early College High School. This month, roof decking was 100% completed. The switch gear has been replaced, meaning that the new building has electricity that is ready to be utilized. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, along with the duct work is 80% complete and will be finalized in approximately two weeks. Architectural accents, including ceiling drops and steel-stud framing is 65% complete. In mid-June, window installation is scheduled to begin and flooring and ceiling tiles will be finalized. Overall, the additions and renovations project of the total base bid is 65% complete.

April 2017 Update

The construction status update brings forth great strides that have been made. ‘Block D’ has had 100% of structural steel and its’ roof installed. Duct, electrical, plumbing, and sprinkler system installations have been finalized with inspections completed for main line utilities. All walls have been sealed, primed, and have had their first coat of paint applied. In ‘Block C’ and ‘Block D’ roof decking is 50% complete. By Mid-May, onlookers can expect painting to be completed. Also, window installation, ceiling grid, and flooring to be near completion. Additionally, exterior brick installation will be started. Overall, about 50% of the total base-bid addition project has been completed. Construction status has been on schedule and no delays have occurred.

March 2017 Update

The construction status update for the month of March yields 100% of walls completed for the base-bid addition project, which includes Block ‘B’, Block ‘C’, and Block ‘D’. Roof structure is 90% complete in block ‘D’. During the first week of April, structural steel beam installation on the roof will begin. Weather permitting, painting will begin in Block ‘D’ over the next two weeks, and is scheduled to be finalized by the end of April. In summation, approximately 35% of the total base-bid addition project has been completed and construction is progressing according to schedule.

February 2017 Update

Construction has been moving along steadily, according to plan. Thus far, 100% of the concrete slab, measuring 39,000 square feet has been poured and completed. Block ‘C’ and Block ‘D’ of the base-bid addition has 40% of the walls erected, which will contain classrooms, an interactive learning center, and restrooms. As of late February, Block ‘C’ and Block ‘D’ are scheduled to be finished in approximately seven weeks. This will include roof structure and walls. On February 27, 2017 the roof structure installation process is scheduled to begin. Approximately 20% of the total project has been completed thus far.

January 2017 Update

In efforts to provide transparent communication with Robstown ISD employees, staff, and community members, we would like to provide monthly updates regarding the Robstown High School additions and renovations project. As of late January, two-thirds of the total concrete slab, measuring approximately 30,000 square feet, has been poured for the base-bid addition. Half of the block walls have been erected and 90% of the site utilities have been completed. Within the next couple of weeks, onlookers will see trusses that are scheduled to be delivered to begin the installation of roof structure processes. Overall, construction has been steadily advancing.