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Robstown Girls Powerlifters are REGIONAL CHAMPIONS!

Robstown Girls Powerlifters are REGIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!


Our girls traveled to EdCouch to compete in the THSWPA Region 5, Division 2 Championships on Friday, March 6th, 2020 and are coming home victorious!  Eight of our lifters have qualified for the State Meet and will compete in Waco on March 20th, 2020!


Kaitlynn Gonzalez – Two Time Regional Champion – 97lb weight class

285lb squat / 175lb bench / 330lb deadlift / 790lb total

Kait set three regional records today in bench, deadlift, and total lift!

She won the Outstanding Deadlift Award and the Outstanding Lifter Award (light division).

Kait will make her second appearance at State in two weeks to defend her current title as State Champion! Great job, Kaitlynn!  


Angela Esparza – Regional Champion – 114lb weight class

385lb squat / 195lb bench / 320lb deadlift / 900lb total

Angela’s performance was amazing today!  She is now the #1 lifter in the State in her weight class and won the Outstanding Squat Award! She will make her first appearance at State in two weeks!


Samantha Pacheco – Regional Champion – 132lb weight class

285lb squat / 190lb bench / 330lb deadlift / 805lb total

Sam set two personal records in bench and deadlift and qualified for State!  She has worked hard all season, dropped to a lower weight class, and has excelled! 


Mitzi De La Cruz – Regional Champion – 165lb weight class

405lb squat / 225lb bench / 375lb deadlift / 1005lb total

Mitzi set two personal records in bench and deadlift and will be making her third appearance at State!  This time as a Cotton Picker!  We are glad you are a part of our team, Mitzi!


Ananda Lopez – 2nd Place – 105lb weight class

290lb squat / 160lb bench / 280lb deadlift / 730lb total

Ananda will make her second appearance at State!  And she will dominate!  She is always a crowd and judge favorite!  Let’s go, Ananda!  


Iliana Cortinas – 2nd Place – 123lb weight class

305lb squat / 165lb bench / 315lb deadlift / 785lb total

Iliana, our friendliest and sweetest lifter, set two personal records in squat and bench today!  She will make her second appearance at State!  Yeah, Lia!


Linzee Garza – 5th Place – 123lb weight class

290lb squat / 145lb bench / 320lb deadlift / 755lb total

Linzee set three huge personal records and qualified for State!  She is returning home tonight to play in a Lady Picker Softball game!  Impressive!  


Jamie Casas – State Qualifier – 148lb weight class 

350lb squat / 175lb bench / 280lb deadlift / 805lb total

Jamie will be joining her teammates at State this year as a freshman!  Keep lifting, Jamie!  You have a bright future in powerlifting!  Congratulations!


Big THANK YOU to Steve Pena, Mark Pena, Brandon Rodriguez, and Cody Rosas!  You are a tremendous part of our success!  We can’t do it without you!  


Big THANK YOU to all the parents, families, and supporters who traveled all the way to the valley to support our team!  We love you!  We win together!  Picker Pride!  


Please send us positive vibes as we train this week and next week in preparation for THSWPA State Championships at Extraco Events Center in Waco!  


We love powerlifting in Robstown, Texas!