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Superintendent's Message

Superintendent of Schools

Throughout his 25-year career, Dr. José Moreno has and continues to serve as an advocate for children and their access to quality education.  He believes that “education is the equalizer to opportunity” and his actions give voice to the children and community members he serves.  The son of Mexican immigrants, Dr. Moreno recognizes first-hand the challenges associated with being a first-generation American citizen and college graduate.  His commitment to social justice is driven by his relentless focus on ensuring that every student, no matter their socio-economic status, is educated in an environment of equity and access. 

Dr. Moreno has a proven track record and under his leadership has successfully led transformation efforts in public school systems across the nation.  He began his career as a bilingual teacher in San Antonio, Texas.  Dr. Moreno’s passion and inspirational approach to teaching and learning led him to serve as a presenter and consultant serving low-performing schools across the nation with a focus on school reform through research-based literacy instruction.  His interest and success ignited a passion for him to pursue his master’s and doctorate degrees in educational leadership.  He has served as a Principal, Senior Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Assistant Superintendent for Leadership, and currently Superintendent.  

As Superintendent, Dr. Moreno received the Distinguished Service in Education Award by the Economic Development and Chamber of Commerce for the City of Robstown.  His strength as an instructional leader has led his districts to earn higher than average state and regional graduation rates, increased STAAR performance, and improved AP, SAT, ACT, ESL, and Special Education scores.  Dr. Moreno’s focus on College, Career, and Military Readiness has increased course offerings and partnerships with colleges and universities; ultimately increasing the number of students graduating with associate degrees and career certifications.   

Dr. Moreno’s vision and focus on building community programs and resources led to the creation of the RISD Cotton Closet Resource Center, Food Bank Backpack Program, and AMISTAD Health and Social Services Partnership.  He developed the E.M.P.O.W.E.R. Mentorship Program and implemented a districtwide Restorative Practices initiative.  Most recently, he instituted a one-to-one Technology Connectivity Program ensuring that every student has access to a Chromebook and Wi-Fi Grid.   

Dr. Moreno’s wife of 17-years, Regina, is the Principal of the Young Women’s Leadership Academy in San Antonio, Texas.  They have two children, Bianca and Jose.  Dr. Moreno and his wife both graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and are paving the way for their children to continue the Longhorn legacy.    


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