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Substitute Information

Requirements for Substitutes


The substitute teacher is an important member of the Robstown ISD team. A substitute can ensure the uninterrupted educational progress of students in the absence of a regular teacher. The substitute is expected to implement the instructional plans left by the teacher. In the absence of the regular teacher, the substitute is the professional in the classroom who will teach, keep accurate records, maintain a positive learning environment, and make decisions appropriate to all situations that may arise. The use of good judgment in the classroom is critical to success.

Substitute teaching is an integral part of the district’s educational process and can be both challenging and rewarding. Your position as a substitute teacher and your efforts to ensure that all Robstown ISD students receive quality instruction in the absence of a regular teacher are appreciated.


The following requirements must be completed and on file with the Office of Human Resources before substitute teaching can be rendered in the district:
  • A completed substitute teacher application form
  • Official high school transcript or its equivalent (GED)
  • If applicable, an official college transcript verifying sixty college hours, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate’s degree
  • A criminal history check acceptable to district
  • Copy of your original Social Security Card
  • If applicable, a copy of your Texas Teaching Certificate
  • Completed forms submitted to the Office of Resources:
    9 Form (two forms of identification will be needed);
  • W-4 Federal Withholding Exemption Form;
  • Letter of Reasonable Assurance;
  • 457 Enrollment Form (in lieu of Social Security, this is a FICA alternative under the OBRA act of 1989);
  • Substitute Teacher Registration Form
  • TRS questionnaire

Substitute teachers for Robstown ISD are required to participate in a district orientation session. It is believed that the educational program will be enhanced by providing this opportunity and that it will help substitutes in the performance of their duties.

All required paperwork must be completed and received by the Robstown ISD Office of Human Resources prior to attending orientation.



Pay for substitutes will be according to the following guidelines:



Substituting For:

Your Qualifications:

Daily  Rate:

Classroom Teacher/Aide

Non-Degreed; High School Diploma or GED. Associate Degree

Short Term               Long Term

$80                            $85

Classroom Teacher


$95                           $100       



Classroom Teacher

Degreed and Certified

$100                          $105

 Long Term- a period of 11 or more consecutive days for the same teacher





$150.00 per day



$112.50 per day


High School Diploma or GED

$12.50 an hour


Substitute Roles & Responsibilities

  1. The substitute teacher is expected to be on duty the entire day /half-day and to perform the duties as assigned by the principal or the designated representative. You may be asked to substitute for another class during your teacher's off period, or assume other duties as required by the school principal or his/her designee.
  2.  The substitute teacher should endeavor to preserve the regular routine of the classroom, to perform all of the duties of the regular teacher, and to follow lesson plans provided by the regular teacher, unless otherwise instructed by the principal or designated representative. If lesson plans cannot be located, the administrator upon notification will provide alternative activities
  3.  Once you arrive at the campus and register at the office, ask for the location of the lesson plans, alternative plans to use, or who will be assisting you with this task in the event that no lesson plans are available. Ask for information pertinent to emergency procedures and your role in the event of a drill or emergency. Under no circumstances you are to leave the students alone unless properly relieved of your duties.
  4.  A substitute teacher placed in a long-term assignment may call for assistance from the campus principal. You become the teacher of record.
  5. The substitute teacher should not receive money from students unless instructed to do so. If money is collected, he/she should deposit it with the school secretary before leaving the building. Substitute teachers should not lend students money for any purpose. If a substitute teacher has occasion to confiscate an item of value from any student; e.g., pager, or cellular telephones the substitute teacher is responsible for the article until it is turned in to the principal.
  6. The substitute teacher shall not leave the building during the school day without permission from the principal or designated representative.
  7. A short summary of the day's activities should be prepared by the substitute teacher and left in the Lesson Plan Folder for review by the regular teacher.
  8. The substitute teacher shall not read a personal book while on duty or use personal computer or electronic equipment. You are there to conduct a period of instruction. Follow the lesson plan. If no lesson plan is available, notify the principal immediately for further instructions.
  9. The substitute teacher should attend faculty or grade level meetings only if requested to do so by the principal or designated representative.
  10. The substitute teacher is expected to dress in a manner that reflects professional status and aims to reinforce the student dress code. Specific dress code guidelines may be in place at the campus or office level. A clear distinction should be made between who is the teacher or the student. You are the supervisor in charge so dress appropriately.
  11. The substitute teacher is required to sign in and sign out with the school secretary for payroll documentation purposes.
  12. The substitute teacher shall not contact parents or send notes to home with the students unless authorized by the school principal or designee.
  13. Substitute teachers are not allowed to record their students. Recordings include voice, video, photography. ADDITIONAL SUBSTITUTE TEACHER’S RESPONSIBILITIES
  • Do not accept a job and not show up for duty.
  • Do not arrive late for an assignment.
  • Do not cancel a job at the last minute; allow enough time for the job to be reassigned.
  • When accepting a job from the HR clerk, listen and make note of complete details



  1. Upon arrival at the campus, the substitute teacher must request, obtain, and review a copy of the school's campus policy on discipline and a copy of the school's classroom management plan.
  2. The substitute teacher shall never administer corporal punishment to any student. This is ground for legal action against the substitute teacher. Do not touch the students.
  3. The substitute teacher is expected to maintain a level of student discipline in the classroom, which is conducive to good learning.
  4.  A substitute teacher may, by a referral slip, send a student to the principal's office. This action could have serious consequences for the student. A student may be sent to the office with a request that the principal come to the classroom. The substitute should not leave the class unattended. The substitute should check with the school’s office for the campus guidelines for the campus that pertain to handling referrals.
  5. Explicit explanation and direction, plus firm, fair treatment of all students generally diffuses most disciplinary problems in the classroom

Substitute Classroom Instruction

  1. The substitute teacher is responsible on behalf of the regular teacher for all students, equipment, and materials assigned to the regular teacher. When you arrive at your classroom do a cursory inventory of the items on hand.
  2. The substitute teacher shall make every attempt to administer the lesson plan of the regular classroom teacher. Substitute Teaching is not a "babysitting" job. If no lesson plan is available, ask for the emergency lesson plans that teachers should have available. The emergency lesson plan and activities may be kept by the school’s office. If no emergency lesson plan is available either ask for assistance from the dean of instruction of the school, or designee administrator. Have an emergency lesson plan available as part of your personal resource kit. Lesson plans are available in the Substitute Teacher Handbook K-12.
  3. The substitute teacher should arrange for a parent conference only after consulting with the school principal about an issue or concern regarding a specific student. Parent-teacher conferences should not be an issue for a substitute working the assignment just for one day. The school principal or designee would be making the pertinent decisions.
  4. If feasible on an assignment of more than two days, the substitute may consult with the principal or designee about contacting the regular teacher.
  5. The substitute teacher must complete one classroom assignment before starting another classroom assignment. If no classroom assignment is available, contact other teachers for guidance on current assignments due by the type of class.
  6. The substitute teacher should not assign written work and leave it to be graded, except by request of the regular teacher. Any written work assigned beyond the lesson plans of the regular teacher should be graded and left for the teacher to review. On long-term assignments such work should be graded and properly recorded unless otherwise directed.
  7. Substitute teachers should refrain from discussing topics (including personal anecdotes) that are not relevant to the day's lesson plan.
  8. In addition to the general information given above, the substitute teacher is expected to comply with assignment-related instructions from the principal or designee.