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Welcome to the new Robstown Band webpage. 
If you are a member or a Parent/Guardian please download the "Band App" for daily updates and information. Band App (Available on IOS and Android)
Here's the summer schedule:


Monday Aug 9 8am-12

Tuesday Aug 10 4pm-630

Wednesday (High School region) 330pm-5

Thursday 5pm-7

Things you will need for rehearsals.

1. Sunscreen

2. Bug spray

3. Hat (we will provide Red Hats for those that forget.)

4. 1 gallon water jug. Seriously, this is Texas. We will have some water, but covid guidelines still restrict what we can do. Dont bring bottles of water from the store. When they sit in the sun, the plastic breaks down and you end up swallowing tiny bits of plastic. Your jug should look like this: 1 gallon jug  Preferably red, but im not gonna be that picky.

5. Marching shoes: low top tennis shoes with arch. No flats, no gators, no sandals, no high heels. 

6. Comfortable clothes, we will be outside a lot. You need to dress like it. Students will not be allowed to wear sweatshirts and hoodies on hot days.

7. Smart device. We will be learning drill a new way this year. It requires some sort of smart phone or tablet. It does not need to have cell service, just wifi. Here is a list of supported devices: Ultimate Drill Book.

8. Be prepared with your music. I've uploaded mp3 and pdf of all your show music in to google classroom. No reason to be unprepared.


If you have any questions, feel free to message me on the band app.

Any further questions can be emailed to Mr. Hochstetter