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Melissa Chavez, B.S.N., R.N.

Director of Health Services

[email protected]

(361) 462-5635


"When health is absent...Wisdom cannot reveal itself, Art cannot manifest itself, Strength cannot fight, Wealth becomes useless, and Intelligence cannot be applied."     
--Herophilus, physician to Alexander the Great


The most important job of a school nurse is to assist students in attaining and maintaining their optimum level of health so that they can grow physically, emotionally, and academically. School nurses are in partnership with parents realizing that the parent has the primary responsibility for the health of their children. If a specific treatment or medication has been prescribed for your child to use during the school day, please meet with your school nurse.

It is important to remember that good physical and mental health are essential for every child’s educational development and achievement. In addition to serious health conditions, there are many other health related reasons for a student’s lack of success in the classroom. These include: lack of sleep, poor nutrition (skipping meals or not eating healthy foods), insufficient amounts of exercise and activity, and stress or worry about personal problems. The school nurse will work with you, your child, and the teachers to help your student be successful during his or her educational career.

The School Health Services program in the Robstown Independent School District includes prevention, intervention, promotion, and health teaching.

Some roles of the School Nurse include:

  • Assess and evaluate overall student health
  • Perform vision, hearing, Acanthosis Nigricans, and spinal screenings
  • Administer medications
  • Provide education on a variety of health topics to students, families, and staff
  • Monitor immunization compliance
  • Provide assessment, triage, and care of sick and injured students and staff
  • Provide information and referral for health concerns
  • Follow-up concerns regarding student and community health