Office of Curriculum and Instruction

The goal of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction is to provide leadership and support to campuses in regard to quality, student-centered teaching and learning through curriculum development, instructional delivery, and specialized programs that meet the specific needs of students. Through research, planning, innovative practices, and curriculum integration, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction provides the campus instructional team with expertise to improve student achievement leading toward educational excellence.

Curriculum Staff

Diana Silvas: Deputy Superintendent
Lorena Ceballos: Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction
361-767-6600 ext 2099
Delma Salinas: Coordinator of Student Support Services
361-767-6600 ext 2092
Norma Rojas: Administrative Secretary
361-767-6600 ext 2040
Viola Villarreal: Curriculum Clerk
361-767-6600 ext 2821
Instructional Coaches
Jeanette Castaneda : Math Instructional Coach
361-767-6600 ext 3011
Amy Enrriques: District Literacy Instructional Coach
361-767-6600 ext 3825
Patricia Garcia: Science Instructional Coach
361-767-6600 ext 2803
Cecilia Loera Stringer: Gifted and Talented Instructional Coach
361-767-6600 ext 2259
Rachel Medrano: District Instructional Technology Specialist 
361-767-6600 ext 2072