May Proud You're a Picker Recipients

Meet Erica Rosales, Richard Gillespie, and Lionires Martinez. They were selected as the Proud You're a Picker Award recipients, Robstown ISD's employee recognition program, for the month of May. Each employee was nominated for going above and beyond their job duties. They are pictured here with Superintendent, Dr. Maria Vidaurri. Below are a few excerpts from their nomination:


Erica Rosales, Child Nutrition- Robstown Early College High School

-"Erica builds sandwiches and salads for our students and staff in the cafeteria. She always wears a smile on her face and performs her job with great joy. I often observe her interactions with students, but one in particular stood out to me. While preparing food for a student, she asked “Do you want the same as usual?” After she said that, I heard the student tell his friend: “ Wow, she knows what I like—just like my mom does!” Her attention to detail is very important, not to mention impressive. She builds rapport with our students, which is a great quality to exhibit with our students of Robstown Early College High School."



Richard Gillespie, Volunteer- Robstown Early College High School

-"Richard Gillespie has been recording statistics for the athletic department for over 45 years, without ever asking or receiving payment. He is one of the most loyal Robstown supporters, as he always makes time to attend many athletic events to support his alma mater. Mr. Gillespie is usually the first to arrive at an event, just to pick up trash and make sure our school looks nice and neat. Displaying his picker pride and love for his school, this gentleman has sadly explained that this will be his last year as our Robstown statistician, score keeper, and announcer. He will be deeply missed. Richard Gillespie has truly stood out as a humanitarian.”


Lionires Martinez, Custodian- Hattie Martin Building

-"Mr. Martinez is a very humble soul, he never complains and always goes above and beyond his job duties. He is always willing to help where needed, and works well with everyone. Mr. Martinez is always smiling and truly cares about our students at Robstown ISD. He always greets everyone with a warm smile, and welcomes everyone to the campus with a cheerful “Good morning, how are you doing?” each and every day. His hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.”


These are just a few of the positive things that were submitted on each employees nomination form. Thank you for making us all #robstownproud. You three make the difference.


Know an employee you'd like to nominate for this award? You can submit your nomination electronically, by visiting