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Title I Parent and Family Engagement

Michelle De La Pena, District Coordinator, ext. 2073
Parent Liaisons:
Melissa Martinez - Lotspeich Elementary School, ext. 2450
Ashley Sanchez - San Pedro Elementary School, ext. 3850
Sylvia Medina - Driscoll Elementary School, ext. 6108
Norma Ramirez - Ortiz Intermediate School, ext. 3050
Mari Carrillo - Seale Jr. High School, ext. 4050
Belen Cantu - Robstown Early College High School, ext. 3450
Delia Aleman - St. Anthony School, phone 387-3814
What is Parent and Family Engagement?

A process of community action that enriches the entire educational spectrum.
  • The home
  • The school
  • The community

What creates a strong partnership with parents?
  • Interacting with the school
  • The school is interested in the family by making positive phone calls
  • Home visits
  • Orientation sessions at school where staff members and parents work cooperatively together

What happens when parents show an interest in school?

For the child:
  • Higher esteem
  • Increased motivation
  • Willingness to learn

For the parent:
  • Gains confidence
  • Awareness of a parent’s impact on a child’s development
  • Gain information about school’s activities
  • Understanding of the child’s learning behavior
  • Observe the child with peers
  • Involved with the child in the child’s own setting
  • Classroom observation
  • Reinforce school skills at home
  • Meet other parents in the community

 For the teacher:
  • Discuss the individual needs of students
  • Learn more information about the students
  • More communication with parents
  • Explain classroom materials and strategies being used
  • Better understanding about the community being served
For the school:
  • Increased effectiveness of school programs
  • Increased enrichment activities
  • Better communication between the home and school
  • Awareness of the needs of the parents and community

What activities contribute to a successful parental involvement program?
  • Classroom observations
  • Classroom participation
  • Involvement in the total environment of the child

Who can volunteer?
  • Parents
  • Senior Citizens
  • Students
  • Working men and women
  • Community people
  • Business community members

Volunteer Guidelines
Volunteers are guided by school policies, rules, and regulations, under the direction of a staff member. Classroom work is always confidential. Keep the following points in mind:
  • The teacher is a certified employee under the laws of the state and the district.
  • School staff will supervise the volunteers.
  • The teacher is responsible for instruction, safety, and discipline.
  • The school volunteers should work with staff members in a professional  manner.

In order to protect the rights of students, volunteers must remember to maintain confidentiality when working on a campus.  Principals and teachers have the authority to discipline a student, and the progress or behavior of students must not be discussed.

RISD has a smoke free, drug free environment.  Volunteers are expected to abide by these guidelines.

Sign In
Please sign the parental involvement sheets in the front office or in the P. I. Room as you report to your volunteer assignment or as you leave the campus.

Why Sign In?
To keep a record of who is working in the school and to know where you can be reached in case of an emergency.

Volunteer Badges
  • The badge is a clear identification as a school volunteer
  • Teachers, school personnel, and other volunteers can recognize you
  • You are very special and we want to recognize you

What are the Qualifications for School Volunteer?
  • Sign a volunteer consent form
  • Enjoy working with children
  • Have an interest in education and the community
  • Feel a commitment to the goals of the parental involvement program and the district
  • Want to help
  • Be dependable and in good health

Safety Procedures
Do not lift anything heavy.  If you need something moved while assigned to a classroom, contact the office or head custodian.  If accident or injury occurs, notify your supervisor immediately.  An accident report must be completed within 24 hours.
Title I Parental Involvement Policy
Volunteer Application and Requirements